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A modern look with unpainted Ceiling tiles

unpainted ceiling tiles

When our first client asked us whether they could install the ceiling tiles unpainted, we were unsure. Since the 1800's pressed ceilings had always been painted, and for that matter repainted, every few years. It's not uncommon to see an old house where the ceiling has been painted over so many times the patterns on […]

Antique ceiling tiles wall decor

          Click the photo to enlarge. Photo : Sean Weir-Smith       Antique ceiling tiles as wall decor is often not something that everyone thinks about.   The above installation can be found in the Nelson Mandela square in Sandton City.  

Vintage ceiling tiles

              If the vintage ceiling tile is preferred to be unpainted or in 'natural' colour, as it is sometimes called, it is still necessary to protect it with a clear varnish or similar paint/cover to prevent it from tarnishing.