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Give your living room personality with tin ceilings

Tin ceilings

Many of our clients are concerned that tin ceilings will make their homes look "old" or give it too much of a rustic feel. In this example one of our clients used the ceiling tiles with their historic white paint and using the decor, created a very warm and homely feel. These pannels give a new dimention to any room. Just imagine this same room with plain white ceilings. It would simply not be the same.

The wooden floors also give a very warm feeling to the room. Luckily, these days you don't even have to put in real wooden floors as there are great, affordable alternatives.

Another concern with painting the tin ceilings is that they will have to be painted very regularly.With the advancement and improvements in paint over the years, this is not necesarry anymore. We actually encourage our clients not to paint the ceiling tiles too often as they tend to lose their definition after multiple coats of paint.

The above picture shows an extended BNE02 roset with BNB05 body plates and BNE01 edge plates. A BNC04 cornice has been used. As you can see here, the filler is used to ensure the centre pattern fits perfectly in the room. The fireplace extends into the room and the BNF02 filler was used to allign the centre and fill out the areas around the fireplace. 

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