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A modern look with unpainted Ceiling tiles

unpainted ceiling tiles

When our first client asked us whether they could install the ceiling tiles unpainted, we were unsure. Since the 1800's pressed ceilings had always been painted, and for that matter repainted, every few years. It's not uncommon to see an old house where the ceiling has been painted over so many times the patterns on the pressed ceiling are barely visible.



Therefore we decided to start investigating. After trying many different options we discovered that a clear varnish worked best when ceilings tiles are left unpainted. The tiles can be hung in their normal fashion, as per our installation instructions, and then once all the panels are securely fastened painted over with a clear varnish.

In this picture one of our clients installed the unpainted ceiling tiles in a room with very good natural light and a chandelier.

Having the option to pain ceiling tiles in any color or leave them unpainted gives you a very wide variety of options when decorating your home. This gives your home or room a very unique personality. Even though many people see the vintage ceiling tiles as old fashioned they can easily be made very modern.

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