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Pressed Steel Ceilings

Our Work

Our product is made out of tin plated steel  which is extremely durable and long lasting.

The new dies were then crafted and polished by hand to improve the detail and modify the designs, until we were 100% satisfied with them.

The process of manufacturing these dies is very time consuming, but the added effort shows in the final product.

These dies are used to press the patterns into the tin plated steel sheets using the maximum pressure that the material can withstand without cracking to ensure the highest possible levels of detail in the patterns.

The panels add massive personality to any home or project and can be used as ceiling- or wall panels.  You can then paint the panels any colour and even put detail in by hand in a different colour on the elevated patterns. If you prefer the ‘silver’ colour, you can paint the panels with ‘clear’ enamel or ‘transparent’ varnish.

Besides the durability and impeccable quality of our products, they also have the added benefit of being highly fire resistant. There are many examples of old homes where fires were contained to one room because the pressed steel ceilings stopped the fire from spreading to the roof.

We do not manufacture or sell polystyrene or fibre glass.

If you want hand crafted pressed ceilings to make your home or next project unforgettable, please contact us.

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